Intentional Community

GAIA IN THE FIFTH - A Call for The New Earth Greetings Fellow Voyagers, Lightworkers, Wayshowers, Starseeds, Wanderers, Awake and Aware Truth Seekers, Sun Gazers, Lovers of Gaia-Sophia and Purveyors of Peace and Freedom.

New Earth

Intentional community of conscious kinship in gestational stages in 2020, the year of far-seeing potential and potent healing energies. Situated in a safe and sacred zone in Northern Ontario, 176 abundant acres of magical land containing secluded forest and sunny clearings, granite outcroppings, a lake and river, creeks, springs and wetland space. This gracious domain awaits a growing gathering of kindred souls for inspired co-creation and high level aspirations towards the health of Humanity and Gaia.
Year-round residential opportunities and summer tenting options available where interest is expressed and common purpose aligns. All life and living skills are warmly welcome. Please reach out if this resonates and you feel the call to explore your potential place in our grandest of adventures!